Natural Deterrents for Mice

What are the things that attract mice to your house or garden? You might have an idea that mice like a serene and protected place to live in. Your house and garden are not only a comfortable place but offer them enough food. Thus, mice love to enter your home and get themselves a bite of delicious food. They leave nothing untouched. Mice can eat food, chew wires, cut plastic objects, and clothes with sharp teeth. They are also agents of various bacterial maladies.

Mice even do not spare any chance to disturb your sleep. They come out of their dens at night and crawl your house fearlessly. Mice are very harmful animals. They eat everything available in your home and gardens. Mice try both edible and inedible things. They also cause you financial losses. Mice keep breaking windowpanes and other precious objects. You need to adopt specific natural ways to get rid of mice. The use of smells, chemicals, predator urine, and sounds can prove conducive to preventing mice activity.

Use Chemicals

Mice are very adamant rodents. They do not leave your house easily. Even you try many methods. You need to repel them with the use of specific chemicals. The best compound to remove mice is ammonia. It can numb the senses of mice with its heavy smell. Mice are sensitive to odors. Vapour has a piercing smell that compels mice to run away from the house outrightly. You can also apply mothballs. Make little sacks of mothballs and place near the openings of mice dens. Its fumes will discourage them from entering your house.

Predator Litters

Cats prey upon mice and rats. Hence, mice fear cats. The use of cat litter helps you get rid of mice. When you spray it around the mouth of mice den, they perceive danger. Consequently, mice fear to surface on the ground. You can use fences of cats or purchase chemicals smelling like cat urine. It is one of the best natural ways to repel mice.

Homemade Remedies

Moreover, there are common homemade remedies to chase away mice. You need some ingredients such as peppermint oil, chilies, cloves, and a container of water. You need to grind spices and pour oil into them. Later, add the mixture into water and boil it for a few minutes. Fill the bottle and spray around visible mice dens. Repeat this every 6-7 hour. You will get success in preventing mice from entering your house and garden. People use this mixture against mice because it is easy to prepare and apply. Moreover, you find all the required ingredients in the kitchen.

You can also harrow mice with audio sounds of the predators. However, conventional natural methods have been listed above. Mice look at innocent animals. Nevertheless, they can spread diseases, ruin gardens, and spoil food items. Mice also inflict many harms to the household objects. You can use anything of the natural methods to prevent the entry of mice into your house.

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