Skunk Burrow Identification

Skunks are the mammals and the members of the Mephitidae family. They are known for their ability to spray a liquid which has a very disgusting smell. They use it to defend themselves from other animals or people. They can spray from around 10-15 feet away. Before spraying on someone they hiss so they could try to scare away their hunters or predators. Skunks carry one of the most dangerous diseases like rabies that they can transmit to other animals and humans. They have black and white stripes on their body and their bodies grow from 8 to 19 inches and weigh between 7 to 14lbs. They are found in almost the whole of the United States. They mostly live in abandoned burrows but will also live at any other abandoned place. They are omnivore which means that they eat both vegetables and meat. Moreover, they are nocturnal so that they sleep in the day and are active at night.


Skunks usually use abandoned holes of other pests but they could also dig their own holes. Skunk holes are built by adult skunks when they give birth or when they want to avoid cold weather. Other pests’ holes are only 2 inches long but skunk holes are 8 inches long and are very deep as compared to other pests’ holes. If you find holes in your lawn which are very deep it means that it is a skunk hole. You can also find tracks like five claw prints on each foot. Further, they skunk holes could be found to be round and corn shaped holes in your yard it would be a skunks hole. They are known for digging under porches and decks etc. Skunks dig their burrows in the night because they are nocturnal. Their holes are very big from inside and have an escape route as well because they raise their babies in there. Holes that have dirt and odor are very likely to be skunks hole. Once the skunk makes it burrow, it hardly goes away from it. Skunk's poop is like cats' poop, it could be dry or wet. Another way to find out a skunks hole is by their poops' odor, they have terrifying smell. Skunks would destroy your yard, it will make small holes everywhere around it, encountering such a situation could also be the signal of skunks burrow at your place. In order to avoid skunks burrows, place all garbage cans properly packed. Remove any pet food lying in your yard. Use wire mesh on the openings you have around your yard and remove piles of brush and wood or any other material which the skunks could use to make their holes. You could also use skunks repellant sprays and other traps to capture skunks.


Identification of skunks burrow could be difficult for you at times because they would not show at day times and at nights you would not be active to encounter their presence. So, the above-discussed factors should be considered while trying to spot out the skunks burrow.

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